About Schroom Custom Guitar Works


Tony Schroom, a U.S. Marine and entrepreneur, started Schroom Custom Guitar Works in the late 2000's. Inspired by his own love of guitars, he attended Musician's Institute and graduated with a passion for building and repair work.


Situated in the heart of Vallejo, Schroom Custom Guitar Works is a full service guitar repair, refinishing, and luthier shop. We take on the tough jobs so you can get your favorite axe looking and sounding the way YOU want. We’ve got the tools, the hardware, and the skills to make it happen. From simple hardware replacement to complete overhauls and custom guitar builds, we are here for you.


We also provide custom guitar building for those who want that one-of-a-kind axe. Customizable from head to tailpiece, Schroom Custom Guitar Works can walk you through all the options and build to your exact specifications.

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