Klaus Flouride Bass

On Sunday, June 5, 1983 at the Landsburgh Cultural Center in Washington, D.C., I attended a Dead Kennedy’s concert where unexpectedly, I came to the aid of a young girl who was being bullied by a group of people. Klaus Flouride stopped the show to end the violence and brought myself and the girl backstage to show appreciation for what I had done.


Years later, I still have the ticket to that show and unfortunately, Klaus had his famous bass stolen. In late 2013, I took on the job of recreating his famous bass. Here are some photos of the progress as well as the finished product as of March 2014.


The process involved recreating the bass to exact specification and the final steps were to "age" the bass to give it that same look and feel that his original bass had. Destroying the finish and aging the hardware were only part of it, but it came out beautifully and Klaus was very happy, to say the least.

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